CX Pro

Experience Management Software for Recruiters

Product overview

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The universally recognised way of measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty


Automate the collection of NPS scores from your candidates and clients. Identify who are your promoters, passives and detractors.

Qualitative Feedback

Collect qualitative feedback to understand what is going well and what isn't. Set notifications so you can ensure responses are always addressed when necessary.


Customise your NPS and Feedback surveys to match your branding and tone of voice. Edit your survey triggers to control who you survey and put in place blockers to prevent too many going to the same person/company.

The universally recognised
Measure the performance


Measure the performance of your consultants and teams

NPS Leaderboards

Motivate teams and consultants with ranked leaderboards on service delivery. Filter by time, teams and individuals to get the exact service data you need.


Set individual and team NPS targets to track performance development. Utilise individual performance analytics to help support consultant growth.

Team Customisation

Segment your data sets to mirror your business structure in your service reports. Track key service data in multiple formats (teams, temp/perm, location).

AI Features

Identify both risks and growth opportunities across your business with AI Insights

Data-Driven Guidance

Generate reports from 'AI Insights' that analyse NPS scores and feedback to identify client and candidate risks. Utilise the guidance to develop your team.

Sentiment Analysis

By analysing every bit of feedback you receive we are able to identify the key sentiment and trends coming from your candidates and clients.


Create, download and share reports on the overall business, teams and individuals to support decision making.

Identify both risks
Put data behind your words


Put data behind your words and utilise social proof to proliferate your brand

Google Reviews

Convert the promoters of your brand into google reviews that the world will see whenever they search your name. Utilise across all of the locations linked to your Google Profile.

Client Reports

Evidence the value of your service with data and prove you are an excellent extension of your clients brand. Analyse client reports in order to identify risks to revenue and growth opportunities.

Social Proof

Allow your consultants to maximise the value of their positive feedback by sharing it on social media, your website and across your business to celebrate wins.

Client Analytics

Identify client risks and strengthen client relationships by evidencing high service levels

Client Pages

View a breakdown of scores and feedback by every hiring manager from each of your clients. Utilise your client analytics reports in service reviews, to secure PSA's and retain business.

Candidate Management

Prove to HR & TA leaders that you are an outstanding extension of their employer brand by measuring the feedback of every candidate you submit. Utilise scores to guarantee and prove your service levels.

Client Leaderboard

View an overview of all your client NPS scores in order to identify key risks to high revenue clients. Investigate and be proactive in managing poor experiences.

Identify client risks

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