Introducing CX Pro by Talent Analytics: Automated Feedback and AI Analysis.

CX Pro

for Performance Management

Enhancing Performance Management

As a team manager of recruiters, your core focus is on driving performance and achieving recruitment targets. CX Pro by Talent Analytics is the essential tool that empowers you to enhance performance management and optimize the productivity of your recruitment team.

Streamlining Feedback and Performance Insights

Efficient performance management relies on timely and accurate feedback. CX Pro automates the collection of NPS and feedback, providing you with a comprehensive overview of individual and team performance. Streamline your feedback process, identify areas for improvement, and drive continuous performance enhancement.

Actionable Performance Analytics

CX Pro’s AI-powered analysis transforms feedback data into actionable performance analytics. Gain valuable insights into the strengths and areas of development for each recruiter. Identify top performers, recognise achievements, and provide targeted coaching and support to maximise individual and team performance.
Actionable Performance

Goal-Tracking and Benchmarking

Setting and tracking performance goals is crucial for success, and CX Pro provides you with the tools to drive performance. With CX Pro’s goal-tracking feature, you can set measurable targets and track progress in real-time. CX Pro also allows you to benchmark your team’s performance against industry standards and other recruitment businesses. By comparing your team’s metrics to industry benchmarks, you can gain valuable insights into your performance relative to the competition. Identify areas of improvement, set ambitious yet attainable goals, and strive to exceed industry norms.