Introducing CX Pro by Talent Analytics: Automated Feedback and AI Analysis.

CX Pro

for Learning & Development

Driving Learning and Development Excellence

As an L&D manager in the recruitment industry, your role is vital in ensuring the continuous growth and development of your team. CX Pro by Talent Analytics is the essential tool that empowers you to drive learning and development excellence within your recruitment business.

Comprehensive Feedback for Targeted Training

Effective L&D initiatives require valuable feedback to identify training needs. CX Pro automates the collection of NPS and feedback, providing you with rich insights into the areas where your team excels and where further development is required. Leverage this feedback to design targeted training programs that address specific skill gaps.

Personalised Learning Journeys

CX Pro’s AI-powered analysis enables you to create personalised learning journeys for your recruiters. By understanding their individual strengths and areas for improvement, you can tailor training programs to meet their unique needs. Empower your team with the right knowledge and skills for success in the dynamic recruitment landscape.

Personalised Learning Journeys
Performance Tracking

Performance Tracking and Progress Evaluation

Tracking the effectiveness of L&D efforts is crucial. CX Pro allows you to monitor the progress and performance of individual recruiters over time. Measure the impact of training initiatives, identify areas of growth, and provide continuous support and guidance for ongoing professional development.